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About Us

At Southern Oak Software we provide software consulting expertise, Made in USA. What we offer:

  • Cloud Cost Management
  • Architecture Design
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Migration


Cloud Consulting

We help customers migrate legacy applications to the cloud and build new applications on AWS architecture which are highly available and optimized for cloud cost. Most of our work ends up saving businesses money by creating applications with the correct technologies. Its easy to forklift an app to the cloud, not easy to optimize it and save money in the process.

Custom Development

We specialize in building applications for the web. We build the majority of our services on AWS with RDS, S3, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Route53/CloudFront, and Lambda. We can also handle specific technology restrictions. Our software scales with your requirements and we develop alongside the customer in an agile environment.

Video Streaming

We have expert experience in building video recording/streaming software with FFmpeg libraries. We can help deliver streaming video from IP Cameras, Multicast, HLS, or any other source to YouTube or directly on your site.

API Integrations

We work with IoT devices, REST APIs, and embedded devices. We can help you link services together and connect anything to anything, securely.

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Carthage, NC USA

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(704) 966-9866